Grand Master lee

Grand Master Lee is one of the leading Taekwondo professionals in Korea and his achievements have gained both national and international recognition. He is Sixth-Dan black belt, an achievement of outstanding merit alone. In addition, the Korean Taekwondo organization recognizes Master Lee as an expert Taekwondo Demonstrator & Instructor. He majored in Taekwondo in Yong-in University one of the most prestigious martial arts universities in Asia.

With over 35 years of training experience and with the record of training over thousands of students, he is now established in Southlake, Texas. J Tiger uses scientific methods of martial arts and integrates psychological methods of optimistic training to motivate his students. This builds and forms disciplined young men/ women. Our reputation holds great value within the Southlake community.

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“Tae Kwon!!”, Master Lee.

  • Certificate of F.B.I. Newark Headquarter Appreciation For Outstanding Martial Arts instruction & Demonstration

  • Certificate of the 6th Dan Taekwondo skill (W. T. F, Kukkiwon)

  • Certificate of 1st Degree Judo attainment

  • Certificate of the 3rd Class of Taekwondo Master Instructor(W.T.F)

  • License of of Physical Education Teacher

  • License of of the Exercise Prescription Director

  • License of of Physical Education for Children

  • License of Elementary School Teacher

  • License of Chiropractic Adjustment

  • License of Match Leader(Competition Coach)

  • And much more...